Which Incision is Right for My Breast Augmentation?

Dr. Luke Cusimano, FACS

Which Incision is Right for My Breast Augmentation?

Jul 15, 2022 | Breast, Breast Augmentation

breast augmentation can be a major confidence boost for women who feel their breasts are too small or those who have different-sized breasts. Dr. Cusimano offers several options for a breast augmentation to give you the best results and achieve your desired outcome.


There are three main incision types currently used, dependent on the size and type of implant you are hoping to receive. Depending on which breast implant incision is chosen, implants may be placed under or above the pectoral muscle. The size of the implant and the results you are hoping to achieve will also be discussed with Dr. Cusimano to determine the best breast augmentation plan specifically for you.


A periareolar incision is made around the areola and is a good option for patients who do not have a well-defined breast fold to hide other types of incisions. Instead, this small breast implant incision will be hidden by the natural change in skin tone between the breast and areola. One thing to take into consideration is that this is not a recommended incision type for silicone implants, since an inframammary incision will give Dr. Cusimano better access to the breast pocket. Better access and room to place the implant, especially those made of silicon, reduces the chance of leakage and makes it easier to achieve a beautiful outcome.


An inframammary incision is the most common incision used during breast augmentation and is sometimes called a breast fold incision because of its placement. The incision will be made along the underside of the breast, in the fold where the chest meets the lower part of your breast. Since it is placed in the fold, your incision will easily be covered by the volume of breast tissue or the underwire of a bra or bikini. Another reason this breast augmentation incision is favored is that it gives Dr. Cusimano a complete view of the chest muscle and breast tissue. This allows both silicone and saline implants to be placed precisely for an attractive, natural look.


A transaxillary incision is made in the armpit to eliminate any signs of visual scarring. Since the implant will be filled once it is moved into the breast pocket, only saline implants can be used with this type of breast implant incision. Since there is minimal contact with the breast tissue and mammary gland, this is an especially beneficial option for women planning to breastfeed in the future.


To learn which incision type will be best for your goals or to answer any further questions, schedule a consultation online with Dr. Cusimano or call their office in Baton Rouge, LA at 225-230-4210.