What to Expect During Your Visit



During your consultation, “before” photos will be taken, you will be given a pricing quote, and Dr. Cusimano will make sure that you are completely comfortable with your surgery plan.


Planning your procedure is the next step, which includes booking a surgery date that works for you. Once that is complete, be sure to follow Dr. Cusimano’s specific pre-op instructions to ensure a positive surgery experience.


Dr. Cusimano and his nurse will be with you during your entire surgery process. Once you arrive at the surgery center, they will start an IV and some preoperative antibiotics. Dr. Cusimano will see you prior to surgery to make sure there are no other questions to be answered.  Markings will then be created, and you will enter the operating room to undergo your cosmetic transformation.


Following your procedure, you will be able to enjoy your beautiful, natural-looking results! The majority of patients report a boost in self-confidence and overall wellbeing following their cosmetic procedure.


Before & After