Facial Fat Grafting

in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

As we age, our faces can lose collagen and youthful volume, resulting in a hollow appearance, lines, or wrinkles. Facial fat grafting is a natural solution to help restore a more youthful facial appearance without the need for surgery. This plastic surgery procedure uses fat from other areas of your body to restore fat in your cheeks, lips, and other areas of your face.

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Who is a Facial Fat Grafting Candidate?

If you are living with facial creases, crow’s feet, acne scars, or sunken areas of the face, lips, and cheeks, you may be able to benefit from facial fat grafting. It is also a great natural alternative for those who either are not good candidates for fillers or desire a more permanent solution. The results from this procedure are similar to dermal filler treatment, and although some of the transferred fat will be absorbed by the body, the results are much longer-lasting than dermal fillers.

Good candidates for facial fat transfer have enough excess fat throughout the rest of their body to be harvested for transfer. They should also be healthy, non-smokers who are cleared by Dr. Cusimano to be eligible for minimally invasive cosmetic surgery.

The Facial fat grafting Procedure

The fat transfer procedure is performed through three stages:


First, you and Dr. Cusimano will select a site for fat removal. Common sites include the abdomen, back, and thighs. After applying local anesthesia to the area, a small incision will be created in the targeted area, and liposuction will be used to harvest the excess fat.

Purification & Transfer

The harvested fat will then be processed and purified using a centrifuge to spin the fat and remove impurities and other bodily fluids. Then, the fat cells will be transferred to small syringes used for fat injection.


The area that is to receive that fat graft will then be prepared. A needle or cannula will be used to inject the fat into the chosen area through multiple injections until the desired look is reached.


Before & After




What to Expect After FacIAL FAT GRAFTING

After facial fat grafting, patients will experience swelling and bruising, which will be most significant during the first week. There is often a great improvement in your appearance between the seventh and tenth days, though most people take about 2 weeks off from work to fully heal. By the third week, careful application of makeup can be used to cover any signs of swelling or bruising. Once swelling recedes, you will be able to better see your overall results. Results may vary by patient, as not all the fat survives the transfer process, and different patients have different amounts injected into different areas.

Learn More in Consultation

If you’re interested in learning about how a facial fat grafting procedure can help you achieve a more full, youthful appearance, schedule a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Luke Cusimano. During an initial consultation, he can explain more about what the procedure entails and what recovery will be like, as well as provide some idea of the results you can expect after this procedure. Call us today or contact us online to get started!