Reconstructive Surgery in Prairieville, LA

Cusimano Plastic Surgery offers unparalleled excellence in both plastic and reconstructive procedures. Our patients from Prairieville can enjoy stunning results which are natural appearing. Dr. Luke Cusimano and his team offer the best quality care and every patient benefit from tailor-made treatment plans to suit their specific requirements and desired goals. Dr. Cusimano gives sufficient time during your consultation to understand your rejuvenation concerns and specific aesthetic goals. Based on these evaluations and other considerations, a unique treatment plan is developed just for you. Your needs are of paramount importance to us.

You can choose from a wide range of procedures at Cusimano Plastic Surgery ranging from facial rejuvenation to body contouring procedures. Dr. Cusimano specializes in breast reconstruction procedures and he has been helping his patients correct the consequences of their breast cancer treatment. We understand how difficult it is to undergo mastectomy and we offer a range of breast reconstruction options to our patients. Once we have evaluated your body and understand your individual needs, we will help you decide the most suitable option for you from tissue reconstruction, oncoplastic reduction, and implant-based reconstruction.

You can eliminate the breast cancer with mastectomy, but it certainly takes a toll on your overall wellbeing. When you are uncertain after your procedure, we are glad to help you restore the feeling of femininity with the range of breast reconstruction procedures. Once you look and feel whole again, it will improve your quality of life and help boost your self-confidence. Once you arrive for your scheduled consultation, Dr. Cusimano will talk about your medical history and enquire about the cancer treatments that you are undergoing now or have already undergone. This helps us determine the most suitable reconstruction options for you.

How to choose the best reconstruction option

There are many options we offer for breast reconstruction at Cusimano Plastic Surgery in Baton Rouge. In order to determine which, one will be the most suitable for your individual case, we consider different factors including your health, lifestyle, cosmetic goals and anatomy. Additionally, there are various techniques for performing the breast reconstruction procedure depending on your individual needs and cosmetic goals. Here are the options our patients from Prairieville can choose from:

About Prairieville, LA

Prairieville is a census-designated place in the Ascension Parish of Louisiana. It is located south of Baton Rouge and north of Gonzales. The name Prairieville is derived from the once plentiful pastures and prairies that were visible from Highway 73 and Airline Highway which is now covered with development. It is also one of the fastest-growing areas in Louisiana with new residents being drawn by its high performing public schools and low crime rate. The most notable local property was the Phillips Farm which was sold at auction in 2006 and the 40-acre tract of land is now a cemetery called the Oak Lane Memorial Park.