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GAP stands for gluteal artery perforator, a blood vessel that runs through your buttocks. A SGAP flap (superior gluteal artery perforator), uses this blood vessel and skin and fat from the upper buttocks/hip to reconstruct the breast. No muscle is used during the SGAP flap procedure, so it is considered a muscle-sparing type of flap. The SGAP procedure is technically more difficult than other types of flap procedures and usually takes more time to complete. Dr. Cusimano is one of the few plastic surgeons who is trained in this flap procedure to provide you with optimal results.

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Who is a Candidate for TDAP Flap Reconstruction?

Women who are having one or both breasts reconstructed but cannot use tissue from the abdomen because the abdomen has been damaged by other major surgeries are often good candidates for the SGAP flap procedure. A consultation with Dr. Cusimano is the best way to determine if this flap procedure is right for you.


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The SGAP Flap Procedure


Following your SGAP flap reconstruction, you will be moved to a recovery room, and will then need to stay in the hospital for about four days. It can take 4-6 weeks to recover from SGAP surgery. You may be required to wear a compression garment following surgery. During recovery, you will need to care for multiple incisions, including some on your breasts and upper buttocks, and you will have drains placed to help collect any excess fluid. However, following Dr. Cusimano’s specific post-op instructions to help ensure a quick recovery. It may take up to a year before you are fully healed and your scars begin to fade.