Oncoplastic Reduction (Lumpectomy with Breast Reduction)


in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

A lumpectomy is the surgical part of breast conservation therapy, which is offered to women who wish to save their breasts and avoid mastectomy during the treatment of their breast cancer. In conjunction with your surgical oncologist, we can offer a traditional lumpectomy combined with a breast reduction. This procedure allows large-breasted women to have the same breast tissue removed as they would during a lumpectomy and a breast reduction/lift done at the same time. This is then followed by radiation, just as a traditional lumpectomy would be.

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Women who wish to preserve most of their natural breasts during lumpectomy but could also benefit from a breast reduction are good candidates for this procedure. Breast reduction can benefit women with large, heavy breasts who would like to decrease the size of their breasts to increase their comfort. Scheduling a consultation with Dr. Cusimano is the best way to determine if this procedure is right for you.

The Lumpectomy with Breast Reduction Procedure

During the procedure, the tumor is first removed, along with an ample amount of healthy tissue to ensure adequate cancer removal. The lymph nodes are also checked as well. Once the lumpectomy is complete, the breast reduction can begin. Dr. Cusimano will assess what tissue remains and reshape a reduced breast mound by removing excess skin and fat. The nipple-areolar complex will remain attached to the underlying breast tissue and is moved up higher for a more youthful breast appearance. If only one breast is being treated for cancer, the other breast is reduced at the same time to ensure symmetry.


Before & After




After Care and Recovery

Following lumpectomy with breast reduction, you may be required to wear a compression garment, as well as have drains placed to collect excess fluid. Dr. Cusimano will provide you with special recovery instruction to help you with the process. Swelling and bruising may occur, and discomfort can be controlled with pain medication. While your breast reduction results are meant to be long-lasting, weight fluctuations and pregnancy may affect results.