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For many women, breast reconstruction is an important part of the breast cancer recovery journey. This treatment can help you feel less self-conscious and whole after facing the scourge of cancer. While most reconstructive breast procedures are completed using implant reconstruction, some women may be able to benefit from autologous reconstruction. This technique uses the patient’s own tissue to reconstruct the breast and is often considered to be a better option because it results in a more natural-looking and feeling breast. It also offers other benefits such as a reduced risk of implant complications (e.g. capsular contracture) and improved quality of life.
Baton Rouge LA plastic surgeon Dr. Cusimano offers advanced DIEP flap breast reconstruction for women who have undergone mastectomy or breast removal due to cancer or other medical conditions. One of the top breast reconstruction surgeons in Baton Rouge, Dr. Cusimano specializes in the most advanced autologous techniques and can help you achieve natural-looking and long-lasting results that help restore your confidence and self-esteem.

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What is DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction?

DIEP (Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforator) flap reconstruction is a complex surgical procedure that uses the patient’s own abdominal tissue to reconstruct the breast after a mastectomy. This procedure is ideal for women who want to avoid implants or synthetic materials and desire a more natural look and feel. Dr. Cusimano often suggests this reconstruction approach to women who have enough abdominal tissue for reconstruction.
During a DIEP flap procedure, plastic surgeons remove a portion of skin and fat from your lower abdomen (similar to a tummy tuck) and use this tissue to rebuild the breast mound. The procedure preserves the abdominal muscles and does not sacrifice any important blood vessels or nerves, resulting in less postoperative pain and a quicker recovery time.

The Benefits of DIEP Flap Reconstructive Surgery

There are several benefits to choosing DIEP flap breast reconstruction over other breast reconstruction techniques, including:

  • Natural-looking results – using the patient’s own tissue creates a more natural-looking breast that feels like your own.
  • Long-lasting results – unlike implants, which may need to be replaced over time, the tissue used in DIEP flap reconstruction is permanent.
  • Improved abdominal contour – this procedure can also provide a flatter, more toned abdomen as an added benefit.
  • Fewer complications – because your own tissue is used, there is less risk of complications such as infection, rejection, or rupture.
  • Improved quality of life – breast reconstruction can help restore your self-esteem and confidence, improving your overall quality of life.


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Is DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction Right for You?

Not all women are good candidates for DIEP flap breast reconstruction. Dr. Cusimano will perform a thorough evaluation of your medical history, overall health, and tissue availability to determine if this procedure is right for you. You may be a good candidate for DIEP flap breast reconstruction if:

  • You have had a mastectomy or breast removal surgery
  • You desire a natural-looking breast reconstructive surgery
  • You have enough abdominal tissue for reconstruction
  • You are in good overall health and do not smoke

DIEP Flap Procedure Approach

DIEP flap breast reconstruction is a complex surgical procedure that typically requires a hospital stay of three to five days. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and can take several hours to complete.
During the procedure, Dr. Cusimano will carefully remove a portion of skin and fat from your lower abdomen and intricately transfer it to your chest area. He will then carefully shape the tissue to create a natural-looking breast mound. The procedure typically involves multiple incisions, which will be carefully closed with sutures to minimize scarring.

Recovery and Results

After your DIEP flap breast reconstruction, you can expect to spend several days in the hospital recovering. Dr. Cusimano will provide detailed postoperative instructions to help you manage any pain or discomfort, and you will need to avoid strenuous activity for several weeks to allow your body to heal.
Most women experience a significant improvement in their breast appearance and overall quality of life following DIEP flap breast reconstruction. The results of the procedure are typically long-lasting, and many women are able to resume normal activities within six to eight weeks after surgery. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the recovery period can vary from patient to patient and that you should follow Dr. Cusimano’s postoperative instructions carefully to ensure a smooth recovery.

Your Breast Reconstruction Surgery With Dr. Cusimano

Dr. Cusimano is a highly skilled plastic surgeon with extensive experience in breast reconstruction surgery, including DIEP flap reconstruction. She takes a personalized approach to each patient’s care and works closely with you to develop a treatment plan that meets your unique needs and goals.
At Cusimano MD Plastic Surgery, we are committed to providing the highest quality care and using the most advanced surgical techniques to achieve the best possible outcomes for our patients. We understand that breast reconstruction is a personal and emotional decision, and we go above and beyond to support you every step of the way.

Schedule Your DIEP Flap Consultation Today

If you are considering DIEP flap breast reconstruction, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Cusimano to learn more about the procedure and to determine if it’s right for you. During your consultation, Dr. Cusimano will evaluate your medical history, examine your abdominal tissue, and discuss your goals and concerns with you.
To schedule a consultation with Dr. Cusimano, please contact our Baton Rouge, LA plastic surgery practice today. We look forward to helping you restore your confidence and feel like yourself again.

DIEP Flap Surgery FAQS

What is the difference between DIEP flap and TRAM flap breast reconstruction?

Both procedures use abdominal tissue for breast reconstruction, but the TRAM (Transverse Rectus Abdominis Myocutaneous) flap removes a portion of the abdominal muscle along with the tissue, while the DIEP flap preserves the muscle. This means that DIEP flap patients may have a quicker recovery and experience less abdominal weakness than TRAM flap patients.

Will my reconstructed breast have a sensation?

Sensation may be reduced or absent in the reconstructed breast, but some women do regain sensation over time. If you are concerned about this, make sure to ask Dr. Cusimano during your initial DIEP Flap consultation visit in Baton Rouge.

Will insurance cover DIEP flap breast reconstruction?

Most insurance plans cover breast reconstruction after mastectomy, including DIEP flap breast reconstruction. Our staff can help you navigate the insurance process and determine your coverage.

Will I need to stay in the hospital after the DIEP flap procedure?

Yes, most patients will need to stay in the hospital for several days after the procedure to monitor their recovery and manage any pain or discomfort.

Will I have scars after the DIEP flap procedure?

Yes, you will have scars on your abdomen and breast area after the procedure. However, Dr. Cusimano will take care to place the incisions in inconspicuous areas and use techniques to minimize scarring. The surgeon may also enroll you in his after-care scar program to make sure that scars fade optimally with time.

Will I need additional surgeries after DIEP flap breast reconstruction procedure?

It is possible that you may need additional surgeries to achieve the desired breast shape and size, or to address any complications that may arise.

How soon after mastectomy can I have DIEP flap breast reconstruction?

The timing of breast reconstruction depends on several factors, including your overall health, the extent of your cancer treatment, and your personal preferences. Dr. Cusimano’s office will help you determine the best timing for your breast reconstruction.

What are the risks of DIEP flap breast reconstruction?

Like all surgical procedures, DIEP flap breast reconstruction carries some risks, including bleeding, infection, blood clots, and anesthesia complications. Dr. Cusimano will discuss the potential risks and benefits of the procedure with you during your consultation.