Breast Implant Breast Reconstruction Surgery

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Implant-based breast reconstruction uses an implant to rebuild the breast, which requires less surgery than flap reconstruction. This technique is a popular reconstruction option for the right candidates who are looking to achieve a more natural breast look.

With multiple techniques at his disposal as a board-certified reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Luke Cusimano will evaluate your current or expected anatomy either before or after your mastectomy or lumpectomy to make the best decision for not only the look and feel of the reconstructed breasts but also your comfort and speed of recovery.

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In most cases, any one of these procedures offers highly natural-looking and satisfying results depending on your unique needs and anatomy. Here’s a brief overview of the three types of implant-based breast reconstruction surgeries Dr. Cusimano performs:

Pre-Pectoral Implant Reconstruction

This is the simplest, least invasive, and quickest recovery procedure. Implants are placed above the chest muscle, which may not be an option for all breast reconstruction patients. For those who are well-qualified, this creates a natural-looking and feeling breast with minimal downtime and discomfort.

Direct-To-Implant Breast Reconstruction

If you coordinate with your oncologist and breast cancer care team, you may be able to perform an immediate breast reconstruction during your mastectomy or lumpectomy with Dr. Cusimano. This requires multiple pre-surgical appointments with both care teams to determine the size and type of implant and where it will be placed for the best possible outcome.

Traditional Implant Reconstruction

Traditional breast reconstruction with implants involves placing them entirely or partly under the chest muscle, due to the typical lack of natural breast tissue remaining to conceal the look of artificial implants. While this produces a highly satisfying look and feel, recovery is slightly longer than other procedures.


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Types of Breast Implants

There are many different breast implants on the market to choose from for breast implant reconstruction, including saline, silicone, and form stable. Saline implants are filled with a saltwater solution, while silicone implants are filled with silicone gel. Form-stable implants are similar to silicone implants, only their filling is thicker and tends to keep its shape better.

The type of implant that will get your ideal results will be discussed during your reconstruction consultation with Dr. Cusimano.


Unlike traditional implant reconstruction where the chest muscle must be cut, pre-pectoral reconstruction involves placing the breast implant over the chest muscle. Not only can this technique create a natural-looking breast appearance in ideal candidates, but it also minimizes post-operative pain and recovery time and lessens the chance for physical deformities in the implant when moving the arms that can be seen with traditional reconstruction.


The ideal candidate for this procedure will be a newly diagnosed or a former breast cancer patient who does not require breast radiation in the future, is in good shape, and is a non-smoker. Additionally, candidates should have enough natural breast tissue remaining following their surgery (future or past) to optimally conceal the look of an implant beneath the skin. Without enough tissue covering the implant (either saline or silicone) visible rippling or abnormal stretching can occur, making the results not as optimal as possible.


During this procedure, the chosen implant is placed over the muscle and beneath breast glandular and fat tissue. This results in little to no muscle deformity or pain associated with the procedure since the muscle is left intact and the implant is placed directly into a breast pocket created through surgery. A purified tissue “scaffold” will be used to support the front of the implant, as an internal bra, for ideal adherence to the internal tissues.

It is important to understand that breast implants are long-lasting but are not meant to be lifelong devices. This means that you may have to have your breast implants removed or replaced sometime in the future.


Following pre-pectoral implant reconstruction, you may have compression garments that you must wear to support the surgical areas, and drains may be placed to help collect excess fluid during recovery. Pre-pectoral implant reconstruction is the simplest and least painful and has the shortest recovery time. Even so, be sure to let yourself rest and recover before resuming your normal routine.

Most patients can walk around without assistance shortly after surgery, though you may need some help with everyday tasks at the beginning of recovery. Be sure to follow Dr. Cusimano’s specific post-op instructions to help ensure the best results.

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There are incredible nuances Dr. Cusimano takes into account with all his breast reconstruction patients, from the type of surgery to the size and type of implant to the length of the incision. These factors can seem overwhelming at first glance, which is why we encourage anyone interested in post-mastectomy or pre-mastectomy breast reconstruction to schedule a consultation with Dr. Cusimano to help clear away the confusion and help you settle on a plan that’s best for you.

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