Plastic Surgery in Walker, LA

Cusimano Plastic Surgery offers excellent results with every plastic and reconstructive procedure that is offered at the center. Our patients from Walker can enjoy exceptional results that do not only appear natural but are long-lasting. Dr. Luke Cusimano and his team offer the best pre- and post-surgery care so that you benefit from the personalized treatment plan that is developed to suit your specific requirements and cosmetic goals. Dr. Cusimano gives each patient sufficient time during the consultation so that he can understand your individual concerns and rejuvenation goals. In addition to the evaluation, other factors are also considered before we offer you a unique tailor-made treatment plan. Dr. Cusimano considers your requirements and goals to be the most important aspect of the practice.

Our patients can choose from a wide range of procedures, including facial rejuvenation, facelift, body contouring, or different breast procedures. Dr. Cusimano specializes in breast reconstruction procedures, and he has been helping his patients address the consequences of their breast cancer treatment through various procedures offered at Cusimano Plastic Surgery.

Body Procedures

Many patients struggle with stubborn fatty areas on their body which do not give in even with regular diet and exercise. If you are also bothered with such areas that do not let you enjoy your wardrobe, talk to Dr. Cusimano about the different body contouring procedures offered at Cusimano Plastic Surgery. We offer procedures that help address different body areas like your thighs, abdomen, back, breasts, and even ankles and calves so that you get a slimmer silhouette and boost your confidence. These procedures eliminate the excess fat as well as remove excess and sagging skin so that you get better contours. You can also choose to add volume to areas like your hands that lose volume with age. Here are the body contouring procedures our patients from Walker can choose from:

Breast Procedures

Women go through several changes in their breasts owing to aging, significant weight changes, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. These lead to a change in the size, shape, volume, and contours of the breasts that affect your appearance and, usually, negatively affect your confidence too. Dr. Cusimano understands how changes in the breasts can affect you, and we offer a range of customizable breast procedures to address your specific concerns. When you experience sagging in the breasts, asymmetry, loss of volume, deflated breasts, or breasts that are too large, there are different procedures and techniques which allow us to customize your individual issues. Men who are going through gynecomastia can also benefit from breast reduction at our center to get a manly and chiseled chest. Dr. Cusimano offers you the expertise to help you achieve your desired results. If you are dissatisfied with the results of your previously undergone augmentation, Dr. Cusimano will help you get the results you always desired. Our patients from Walker who are seeking youthful breast contours can choose from the following procedures:

Face Procedures

There are different reasons why patients look for facial rejuvenation. Some of our patients consult Dr. Cusimano in order to change the appearance of a facial feature they were born with, like the nose or ears. When you consult us for a facial rejuvenation procedure, we will talk to you in order to understand your specific facial concerns and cosmetic goals. This helps us to offer you a personalized treatment plan that helps to achieve the desired balance and harmony in your facial features. You can plump up areas that have undergone volume loss, such as sunken cheeks or hollowed eyes, uplift an area that is sagging, or reshape a facial feature. Dr. Cusimano is known for offering consistently beautiful results that are so natural-appearing that your friends and colleagues won’t even know that you underwent a cosmetic procedure. Here are the choices offered to our patients from Walker:

Reconstruction Procedures

There are several breast reconstruction options we offer to our patients at the Cusimano Plastic Surgery. We consider several factors before determining the best procedure for your individual needs including your specific anatomy, your health, lifestyle and aesthetic goals. Different techniques for the breast reconstruction procedure are adopted to help you achieve your goals. These techniques are chosen depending on your individual needs so that you can achieve your cosmetic goals. Dr. Cusimano offers both breast implants as well as the use of your own tissue for breast reconstruction. Here are the options available to our patients from Walker:

Non-surgical Procedures

Injectables, like the neuromodulator Botox, and different dermal fillers that are offered at Cusimano Plastic Surgery address various signs of aging without requiring you to choose a surgical procedure. Our team of experts makes sure you get the results you desire with every chosen procedure. These injectables help you with the removal of wrinkles, fine lines, and uneven skin tone and texture. Here are the injectables our patients from Walker can choose from:

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